‚ÄčAgricultural Law

Every farm has to deal with specific and complex legislation regarding fertilizer legislation, lease legislation, capital and user compensation.  

Reparcelling projects, nature development projects or land development projects can also have implications for land owned by farmers or private individuals.

The office has expertise in:

  • Advice, mediation and assistance in legal proceedings. Tenancy legislation has a major impact on agricultural land use. It is not uncommon for the tenant or lessor to be confronted with a notice of termination, a dispute regarding the severance payment, questions regarding lease rights, the rights and obligations of the tenant and lessor, etc. The office offers advice and assistance in this specific matter.

  • Land consolidation-reparcelling

  • Assistance with checks on compliance with fertilizer legislation, administrative fines, and assistance with procedures before the Council of State

  • Country layout

  • Nature furnishings

  • lease

  • Fertilizer legislation

  • Capital Damage and User Compensation

  • Country

  • VLIF support