Education law, civil service 

and disciplinary law

Education is extremely complex and regulated in detail.

The office offers legal assistance in the event of disputes about exam results. Support is provided in the internal appeal procedure that is conducted within the framework of the high school or university. The chances of success are discussed further and, if necessary, proceedings can be initiated before the Council for Disputes regarding Study Progress Decisions or before the Council of State.  

The office assists pupils and students in legal protection in the context of study progress disputes and disciplinary decisions as well as teachers in disciplinary cases, recruitment, promotion and selection, etc.

With regard to civil servants and disciplinary law, the legal position of the civil servant differs from the employee in regular employment law. Civil service law is characterized by a wide variety of statutes and procedures.

 The office provides guidance in challenging appointment decisions, decisions that affect statutory rights, disciplinary decisions through organized administrative appeals.

The office also has expertise in litigation in the context of deontological or disciplinary law problems.