Real estate law, construction and construction law 

From its classic fields of expertise within public and administrative law, the firm has a special affinity with the real estate sector. 

 This includes the domains of rent, purchase/sale, purchase promise, real estate contracts and real estate transactions. The office also often discusses this subject at seminars.

 The office mediates, advises and defends both companies and individuals, as well as governments in the context of all types of real estate transactions, namely:

  • real estate transactions: purchase/sale, rent/rental

  • dispute resolution for rent, commercial rent and residential rent

  • contracting: assisting the principals, contractors and architects in the contracting of works, being residential construction, industrial construction, public works, road construction, office construction…

  • construction law: the interests of the client, architect or contractor are represented

  • liability law: errors can be made within a contractual context, or outside any agreement. 

  • Co-ownership (apartment co-ownership), property rights and other rights in rem such as usufruct, superficies and ground lease 

  • Easements: there are thus public and private easements that impose restrictions on property rights e.g. for the benefit of the common good or for the benefit of another property

    • private easements can be natural easements e.g. rights of fencing and fencing, rights of outflow…as conventional or contractual easements originating in a contract or deed e.g. like right of way, of level crossing, of sewage, of utilities and legal easements these have their origin in the law eg rights of lights and views, of distance of planting, right of way out, of common wall and others.

    • public easements: e.g. public easement of transition, the prohibition to build next to roads or railways, protection as immovable heritage, nature conservation measures as spatial uses 

  • Neighbor nuisance: odour, noise, dust, mobility nuisance, overhanging branches, etc.

  • Demarcation

  • pre-emption rights